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Everyone knows that when the little “service engine” light flashes on a Lincoln vehicle, the time has come to schedule a maintenance appointment. It is likely to include at least an oil change and perhaps some other services, such as tire rotations and fluid flushes.

However, there are instances where a vehicle doesn’t get driven often enough to hit the suggested mileage limits in a vehicle to trigger the light. Even in this case, Lincoln oil changes are still necessary.

Today, we look at how often a driver in Newport News, VA should get their oil changed, even if they aren’t driving as much. 

Lincoln Oil Change Recommendations  

The recommendation for most Lincoln vehicles is to have the oil changed every 7,500 miles or six months, whichever comes first. The mileage limit exists because the oil gets dark and gummy with use, and clean oil is what’s needed to keep your luxury vehicle running as it was intended to run. 

So, why the six-month limit? Time alone may not gum up oil, but it can still impact the quality of oil because water can find its way into a vehicle that is left sitting idle. Fluctuating temperatures, high humidity, or even rainstorms can introduce water into your oil, which thins it out and makes it less effective. For that reason, we suggest having your oil changed after six months, even if you haven’t come close to driving 7,500 miles. 

Furthermore, oil naturally degrades over time and loses its viscosity as it sits, warranting a change regardless of miles driven.

Schedule an Oil Change Service at Hall Lincoln 

If you are due for an oil change, contact the service department here at Hall Lincoln and have a look at our Lincoln service specials. We want to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly at all times and having proper oil changes will help ensure that happens. 

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