Performing a Perfect Touch Up Paint Job

Paint touchup is a really good way to maintain the good cosmetic condition of your vehicle. At our dealership in the Newport News area, we want you to be an educated vehicle owner. Here are a few tips for touching up the paint on your vehicle:

atching the Paint Correctly

When selecting touchup paint make sure it coincides with the paint code that is found on the VIN of your car.

Clean, Sand and Paint

The first step to painting is creating a clean surface to paint on. First, wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth, and then you can rub it down quickly with sandpaper. 220 grit is good for lighter scratches and 600 grit or above for deeper scratches. Dab some paint on with a matchstick or small paintbrush.

We're Happy to Help

?Remember that we are here at Hall Lincoln to help you with all of your vehicle's service needs.


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