Choosing your child's first car can be a very daunting task indeed. In addition to finding options that fit your budget, you also want optimum safety, ease of handling, and overall reliability among many other things. At Hall Lincoln. we're committed to helping Newport News shoppers identify the best possible automobiles for their young drivers.

Avoid Cars With High Horsepower

A vehicle with a powerful engine might be too much for your new driver to handle. More importantly, powerful engines can tempt teenagers to go above the posted speed limit. Instead, place your focus on autos that are designed for efficiency.

Large, Heavy Vehicles Are Often The Safest

?A large, heavy vehicle will provide the best level of protection if your teen driver ever has an accident. Moreover, according to insurance data, teens have a lower likelihood of crashing bigger vehicles. Once you've found a few worthwhile options to pursue, you should be sure to check for recalls. To learn more about choosing the right car for your teen or to set up a test drive, visit us at Hall Lincoln today.


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