Lincoln Connect and Lincoln Way Work Together in the New Nautilus

No new Lincoln model is complete without the technology offered by the Lincoln Connect program. This tech is one we’ve been showing off for a while at Hall Lincoln, but it’s evolving. Our customers in Newport News get more convenience than ever thanks to the new 4G Wi-Fi capabilities of the Lincoln Nautilus.

Your new Lincoln Nautilus allows you to connect to Wi-Fi as soon as you’re in the car, and that helps your Lincoln Way app work more efficiently. You can use the app to locate and turn on your vehicle from a distance. However, you can now use the app to schedule pick-up and delivery during service appointments. You can also use it to find parking and reserve spots in cities across the country.

Your car is also a Wi-Fi hotspot when you need one, and it’s all thanks to Lincoln Connect and this app. Driving has never been more convenient thanks to all these tech features. Your new Lincoln Nautilus makes life easier.



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