Check Out the Technology Features of the Lincoln Continental at Hall Lincoln

Hailed as one of the most popular luxury cars on the market, the Lincoln Continental features an abundance of advanced technology features.

The Lincoln Continental combines technology with safety with its Blind Spot Detection, which also features cross traffic alert that will warn drivers of vehicles that they might otherwise miss. Sensors will detect vehicles at up to 15 yards away that are in line to collide with the side of the vehicle, and send an audible queue, a visual display message in the sideview mirror, and a signal in the message center, that warns you of an oncoming collision.

Head-Up Display will let drivers keep their eyes on the road and help keep them receptive to their surroundings. With custom settings, drivers can choose what data to display on the Head-Up Display, such as standard driving information, lane keeping information, and adaptive cruise control. Digital light projection helps keep the display visible.



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