The High-Tech Brakes of the Lincoln Nautilus

Need a vehicle with powerful brakes? Take a look at the Lincoln Nautilus. This new luxury crossover has powerful brakes that can give you all the stopping power you need. However, they're also equipped with high-tech equipment that can keep you safe in a variety of situations. Our team in Hall Lincoln is ready to show you what makes the Nautilus so unique.

One of the most useful features in the Nautilus is Automatic Emergency Braking. With this feature, your crossover is capable of stopping without your intervention in the case of an emergency. It uses cameras and sensors to monitor the road ahead. The equipment looks out for potential obstacles. While the system will alert you to trouble, it can also take automatic action when you don't respond.

Another great feature that drivers in Newport News will appreciate is Auto Hold. If you have to stop on an incline, the brakes will stay put until you're ready to go. Whether you're stopped in traffic or at a stop sign, the brakes will prevent rollback until you hit the acceleration pedal.



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