The Tech Specs that Keep You Safe in the New Lincoln Nautilus

Technology doesn’t just work to make driving more convenient in the all-new Lincoln Nautilus. Drivers are just as interested in technology features that provide safety as well as convenience, which is what you’ll find when you visit Hall Lincoln. Tech specs in the new Lincoln Nautilus keep you safe on the road and when you’re sitting still.

One of the most popular new features is the enhanced security package. Gone are the days when you get into your car at night and flashback to those horror movie scenes when the bad guy is in the backseat unbeknownst to you. This package includes a motion sensor that lets you know if there is any movement, so you can get out of the car and find safety as quickly as possible.

The other tech spec you cannot go without when driving through Newport News is the new inclination motion sensor. If your car moves when you’re not in it, you will know right away. This keeps you safe by helping you avoid becoming a victim.



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