Step into Luxury with the 2019 Lincoln MKZ

Lincolns are known for their luxurious touches and attention to detail. You can see that same care in every inch of the 2019 Lincoln MKZ. Nothing has been left out when it comes to creating a car that you'll enjoy driving every time you step in and drive.

At Hall Lincoln, we haven't stopped talking about the Lincoln MKZ's design features. It's hard to believe, but Lincoln has done it again and done it better.

When you're on the road, open up the panoramic glass roof to take in the sun or the stars. Larger than the roof window on any car, it's also easily activated with a push button. It's available on every new Lincoln MKZ.

The car's approach detection feature senses your keys in your pocket, purse or hand. Once it does, the Lincoln MKZ turns on the lights and starts the engine. Your 2019 Lincoln MKZ always makes you feel welcome.



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