Tests Used for Vehicle Safety Ratings

Every member of our team at Hall Lincoln want you to be an informed driver when you make your next purchase. We also want you to know as much as possible about vehicle safety ratings so you can purchase the safest vehicle possible. Vehicles are rated by both the NHTSA and the IIHS. They both rate the vehicles upon completion but rate them for different things.

The NHTSA tests cover three areas:
  • Likelihood of a passenger or driver injury if car crashes into a stationary thing at 35 mph
  • Driver’s chance of being injured if car hits a pole at 20 mph
  • Vehicle’s likelihood of rolling over

The IIHS covers five areas;
  • Small frontal test where car hits object at 40 mph
  • Moderate frontal test where more of the car hits the object
  • Side test where an SUV hits another car at 31 mph
  • Roof test to determine damage if hit with a metal plate
  • Head-restraints-and-seats test that determines the force on a driver’s neck and head during a collision

If you have any further questions about ratings, come to our Newport News dealership and take a vehicle out for a spin.



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